Common types of Grass.

Florida Area.


(Stenotaohrum secundatun)
This Grass has a pretty blue-green, color. It is what I recommend they use for a new lawn. This grass also looks very nice after it is cut. Some Types of ST. Augustine are:
  • Floratam sod (in sunny areas)
  • Bitterblue
  • FX-10
  • Palmento (use if there is part shade)


(paspalum notatum)
Is a fast growing grass less attractive. Not used for good lawns and not the type that will make a good lawn. Many people consider this type of grass a nuisance grass and want it out of their lawn. It can get into ST. Augustine grass by accident. Weed and feed can be used to kill this grass and not affect the ST Augustine or some other types of grass that are used for lawns. This grass will sometimes grow where cars have been driving. It can tolerate traffic from cars pretty good


(Cynodon dactylon)
Dark green and fine in texture. This grass is used on golf coarse. It takes a lot of care and water and needs to be cut more often to keep it looking nice. Most people will not use this type of grass because it takes a lot of maintenance.


(Eremochioa ophiuroides)
Is medium green in color. It is less tolerant to frost, drought, traffic and nematodes, although I think it is still a good grass and give it credit for giving a lot of people a good looking lawn. This grass cuts nice.


(Digitaria sanguinalis)
Common grass in Port Saint Lucie and Treasure Coast.
It likes the warm climate of Florida.
I do not think it makes a good lawn.